Introducing DoorDash’s Revolutionary Voice Ordering Tech for Restaurants!

DoorDash announced on Monday that it will debut AI-powered voice ordering technology to help eateries maximise sales by answering all calls. Customers will also receive customised meal ideas from the system.

The company’s 2023 Restaurant Online Ordering Trends Report found that one in five clients prefer phone takeaway, yet up to 50% of calls go unanswered, resulting in revenue losses.

DoorDash head of Product and Design Rajat Shroff said, “Customers expect more from restaurateurs, and in return, restaurateurs expect even more technology-forward solutions from us – including support for phone channels to meet customers where they’re ordering.” Supporting operators by capturing customer demand through voice product investments helps us provide more and help our partners grow.”

DoorDash said the new cost-effective innovation will allow select operators to enhance sales by answering all calls and chasing incremental revenue opportunities.

DoorDash is using AI and live humans to answer consumer calls quickly and meet unmet demand with this innovative method. Restaurant personnel can focus on in-store customers while AI answers calls during peak hours.

Customers will get personalised multilingual voice ordering with no missed calls or excessive wait periods. Returning customers can instantly reorder their favourite food. Customer help will be provided 24/7 from live operators.

DoorDash Drive, the company’s white-label option for direct delivery from any business, may let restaurants serve phone orders. This gives clients an easy, end-to-end order tracking experience.