Introducing Samsung Food: Your Ultimate Meal Planning and Recipe Discovery Destination!

Samsung Food plans and suggests meals in over 104 countries. The platform is based on Whisk, which Samsung Next purchased in 2019.

The portal contains over 160,000 recipes in English, Spanish, Korean, German, French, and Italian, according to the company. Samsung added that like Whisk, users can find recipes, create shopping lists, meal plans, and follow recipe producers. Whisk constructed the platform “from the extensive database of Whisk,” according to the business.

Users can save recipes and add ingredients to a shopping list. It integrates with e-commerce platforms in various regions so you can simply buy these things.
Interestingly, the new Samsung Food website resembles Whisk. Plus, the apps’ Play Store and App Store download links still redirect to Whisk. I think this year isn’t for seamless rebranding.

Samsung has redesigned the app and included it to its Bespoke refrigerators. Samsung’s internet-connected refrigerators’ meal-planning apps are on-brand.

The business intends to better integrate Bespoke microwaves and ovens with the app to make cooking easier and better for a recipe. The software might allow users set timers, pre-heat ovens, and modify cooking settings for Samsung SmartThings appliances.

As of 2023, the company offers personalisation using “Food AI.” For instance, you can modify a recipe vegan or vegetarian, balance nutritional value by adjusting components, or create a fusion cuisine by ordering a Korean Italian dish.

The Samsung Food platform has ambitious aims. The business hopes to link the platform with Samsung Health by year’s end to improve food and nutrition logging. Samsung Food will use “Vision AI” in 2024 to recognise food products using the phone camera and report their nutritional values.