Is this the end of hacking or just a clever bait strategy? as WhatsApp’s move to add passkeys for secure chats

WhatsApp will soon enable passkeys for password-free logins.

The latest Android beta version of the encrypted messaging app has a hidden settings menu with a toggle option to switch passkeys on or off, but WABetaInfo reports that it doesn’t work, suggesting that the feature is still being developed.The accompanying info box indicates that “your passkeys are safely stored in your Google Password Manager,” although Dashlane and NordVPN should also accept passkeys. Others will support it soon, like 1Password and Bitwarden. Apple and Google support passkeys for their systems, which will soon replace passwords. They are board members of the FIDO alliance, which defines passkey standards, together with Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft.

They are phishing-resistant since a victim’s cryptographic key is unknown to everyone, even the user. The fingerprint, face, or PIN you use to lock your device is enough to authenticate a passkey.In June, Apple announced that iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma will automatically generate passkeys for your AppleID account to use instead of your password. Faith in the new method of securing accounts shows no signs of abating.

Concerns have been raised that big tech is using passkeys to lock people into their services. Passkeys are supported by third-party password managers, allowing cross-platform use.

Passkeys haven’t been embraced by many services outside of big tech. The biggest are eBay, PayPal, and BestBuy, and WhatsApp may join them.

However, the date is unknown. However, the support is in progress and should emerge in a future version.