SnapChat AI to produce fresh photos of you

Snapchat is expanding into generative AI features after unveiling its AI-powered chatbot My AI, which can now react with a Snap back instead of text. Snap will explore with AI photographs again with its generative AI feature “Dreams,” which may include you and your pals in imaginative backdrops.

According to app researcher and developer Steve Moser, Snapchat is creating tools that let users snap or upload photographs to produce fresh photos of them in scenarios they envisage. This sounds like other App Store AI photo apps.

One app, Remini, became viral last month when TikTok users realized they could upload selfies to get LinkedIn headshots without paying for a professional picture shoot.

Snapchat probably doesn’t want dull headshots.

Instead, Moser’s research suggests Dreams uses AI-generated selfies to transport you in “fantastical places and scenarios.” Snapchat, like other AI selfie apps, needs clean selfies without people or occluded features. The software advises users to try different angles, expressions, and lighting conditions for better AI photographs.

Moser noticed that the company is creating Dreams with Friends, a tool that lets customers allow their friends to make AI “dream” images with them.

Snapchat’s app’s Dream Pack purchases hint this may be monetized.

Reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi originally released Dreams last spring, allowing users to place their likeness in generative AI domains. He spotted Snapchat placing the new function between Camera Roll and Stories.

The Dream Packs and Dreams with Friends developments show Snapchat is pushing forward with the functionality.

Snapchat did not discuss Dreams plans.