Threads relevance as Meta unveils groundbreaking feature to validate your Threads profile on Mastodon in the Fediverse!

Meta added Mastodon Threads profile verification on Wednesday to support the fediverse. The company added support for “rel=me” links, which connect two accounts by pointing links.

Verify your Mastodon Threads profile here. Following the order is crucial for verification.

  1. Link your Mastodon and Threads profiles.
  2. Add your Mastodon profile’s Threads link to a “Extra field”.
  3. Save modifications.

Verification will likely appear on Mastodon as a green bar around the Threads link with a checkmark. The screenshot shows the verification.The Mastodon server pings the Threads page to check for a “rel=me” web attribute and verify that your Threads profile link points to Mastodon when you finish. This ‘verification’ merely proves you own the Threads profile. In addition to Mastodon, you may use this feature to validate your Threads profile on fediverse platforms like Wikipedia, Gravtar, and Flipboard.

This solution isn’t working for some Mastodon users. A Threads engineer said they’re investigating verification problems. Additionally, the engineer stated that Threads does not yet allow Mastodon profile verification.

This version also introduced the ability to send posts directly to Instagram DMs, custom alt text for photographs, and a button to instantly mention someone in a post.

In his post, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri called this change a “meaningful steps towards adopting open standards and the fediverse.” He also revealed the corporation uses a “early version” of Threads on the web internally. This means a fully functional desktop social network version is possible in a few weeks.

The Threads app won’t support the fediverse at launch, Mosseri revealed last month due to technical issues. He said the company is “fully committed to building support for ActivityPub.”

After Elon Musk took over Twitter last year, developers launched various Mastodon link verification services as people migrated to the fediverse.