To rival Spotify, Apple has launched an automated station to discover new songs.

A powerful way to compete with Apple’s biggest rival in the music segment, Apple Music has launched a new algorithmic radio station named ‘Discovery Station’ to the app.

For years, Apple’s Swedish competitor Spotify has supplied its trademark “Discover” playlists. As a result, Apple Music has begun to roll out the new station for discovering new music.

The Discovery Station exclusively plays new music that you haven’t heard before – all songs that aren’t in your playlists, that you don’t like, or that aren’t in your library. Apple Music already has a ‘New Music Mix,’ but it is only updated once a week and contains only 25 tracks.Apple also provides a personalized station called ‘[User Name’s] station’ which plays a combination of your favorites and a few tracks that are related to your favorites.

The business has made no public announcement about the new algorithmic discovery playlist, but it has begun to show for users on Apple Music on the web and in the applications. If you can’t find the playlist in the app, there’s a direct link to it, as MacRumors pointed out.