Google is increasing the visibility of apps by uploading video clips to the Play Store.

If you think practically every app offers some type of vertical video, then you should check out the new Google Play Store feature, because now people will be able to find Google’s original video series called “The Play Report” in the Play Store, to learn about new app releases.

The business has announced that it will begin displaying these videos on the Play Store homepage for a subset of users in the United States. These videos will be made available for other users to watch on the Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts that are associated with Google Play.

These videos may be YouTube Shorts, according to the appearance of a GIF that was published on the firm’s blog post, although the company did not state that officially. A practical install icon for the program that is being talked about in the video will also be displayed to users in addition to the video itself.

According to Google, each episode will highlight different apps with commentary from industry professionals, app designers, and even Google personnel.

It is important to note that the Play Store already enables developers to attach YouTube videos as part of their app’s media assets, which can be found on the listing page for the app. It is unclear at this time whether Google will extend the support for short videos on the Play Store to additional creators or developers. The Android manufacturer also failed to disclose whether the featured apps were selected by the firm itself or by the app’s creators.

Already, Google has reaped a significant amount of success because of Shorts. The firm reported that more than 2 billion people who are logged in each month are viewing Shorts in July. However Google’s utilisation of the short video format as a tool to assist in app discovery is being expanded to include the Play Store.