How to Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a globally recognized video-sharing platform, boasting a vast user base of over 2 billion individuals. Users have the ability to view, produce, and share videos on a wide range of subjects, encompassing music, films, current events, and educational content.

While a YouTube channel, on the other hand, serves as the homepage for a personal account, and likewise every other platform, you are required to have a channel in order to publish videos and leave comments on other people’s videos.

Almost everyone knows about aforementioned and its tempting vast amount of audience, but not everyone can be able to cue into this band wagon without a necessary guide on how to set up their own channels and what to do next.

First of all, make sure you have an account with Google.

  • You can be able able to make a Google account for yourself at no cost if you do not already have one. Just go to and follow on screen instructions to sign in.

Create an account on YouTube.

  • To sign in to your YouTube account, navigate to and click the “Sign in” button. However, the google account you created at the previous step will automatically sign you in especially in recent browsers like chrome and safari..

Start your own channel on YouTube

  • Simply navigate to the top right corner of the screen, where your profile image is located, and select the “Create a channel” option.

Pick a name for the channel and an icon.

  • It is important that the name of your channel be something that is both easy to remember and pertinent to the information that it contains. Your channel icon is the small image that will appear next to your channel name in search results and on other YouTube pages. You can change your channel icon at any time by going to your channel’s settings page.

Modify your channel as you see fit.

  • You have the ability to personalise the look of your channel by including a banner, a trailer, and sections. You may also add connections to your websites and profiles on various social media platforms.

Get started making videos right away!

  • As soon as you’ve established your channel, you’ll be able to begin adding videos to it. Make sure that the subject you pick is one that you are interested in and that you have some background knowledge in.

Create awareness around your channel.

  • When you have a few videos up on your channel, the next step is to begin promoting your channel. This can be accomplished by posting your videos to social media platforms, uploading them to appropriate video directories, and taking part in online forums.

The following are some additional tips that will help you in getting started with YouTube and enhance the visibility of your channel.

  • Maintain a regular schedule for your uploads. You should do your best to upload fresh movies on a consistent basis, even if it’s just once a week.
  • Interact with the people who are watching you. Take part in the conversations taking place on social media by responding to people’s comments and queries.
  • Make sure that your titles and descriptions contain the appropriate keywords. When people are looking for material, they will have an easier time finding your films if you do this.
  • Ensure that your thumbnails are optimised. Because your thumbnails are the first thing that users will see, you want to make sure that they are captivating and pertinent to the material that you have.

Have some patience. Creating a YouTube channel that is popular and successful takes a lot of time. If you don’t notice results right away, try not to let it discourage you. You just need to keep making amazing content and advertising your channel, and you will eventually start to see development in both of those areas.

I sincerely hope that this is of some assistance!