How to identify fake and deep-fake AI videos

In our current society, the concept of “seeing is believing” has been challenged due to the rise of a new menace of online money scams that exploit the use of counterfeit videos, including deepfakes, manipulated, and edited content. These videos typically showcase specific investment schemes that make promises of high returns or utilize fabricated celebrity endorsements.

In light of the growing utilization of artificial intelligence and deep-fake technology for the production of manipulated videos, here are several guidelines to effectively discern such videos:

Conduct an analysis of facial movements.

Please carefully observe the subjects featured in the video. Manipulated videos frequently display artificial facial movements accompanied by lip-sync discrepancies. Please be mindful of any inconsistencies in facial movements.

Try verifying the audio quality.

The voices generated by AI typically exhibit a similar and synthetic quality. If the video features individuals of notable public recognition, it is advisable to assess the consistency of their voices by comparing them to their original recordings accessible on various social media and video platforms.

Verify the source.

It is advisable to consistently evaluate the credibility and origin of the videos in question. The videos typically receive sponsorship and are presented as promotional content. It is advisable to exercise caution when encountering videos shared on social media platforms by unfamiliar individuals or on unfamiliar websites. It is imperative to conduct thorough research on the individual or organization being endorsed in any video content.

Review the content.

It is important to consistently inquire whether the content being presented is potentially misleading or exaggerated. It is important to exercise caution when encountering investment schemes that claim to offer substantial returns with minimal investment, as they often prove to be fraudulent in nature. The validity of these ambitious assertions is questionable and should not be relied upon.

Upon encountering the video and considering potential investment in the scheme, it is advisable to conduct a basic search on Google regarding the individual or the endorsed scheme featured in the video. Occasionally, additional information regarding the scam or a duplicate of a filed complaint against these entities may be discovered.

Rely on your instincts, and promptly report any concerns or observations.

If there are any aspects of the video that seem questionable or give rise to suspicion, it is advisable to rely on your instincts. It is advisable to exercise caution in all situations.