SwiftKey, Microsoft’s mobile keyboard app, now has new AI-powered capabilities.

In addition to the advancements in AI technology in Windows 11 and Bing, Microsoft has recently announced the introduction of new AI-powered features for its SwiftKey mobile keyboard application on iOS and Android platforms. This application, developed by a third-party, enables users to substitute the pre-installed keyboard on their mobile device with an advanced keyboard that possesses the capability to adapt to the user’s writing style. As a result, users can enhance their typing speed and efficiency. The updated version will incorporate AI camera lenses, AI stickers, an AI-powered editor, and the functionality to generate AI images directly within the application.

The newly developed AI camera lenses will enable users to capture photos, videos, and GIFs with a diverse range of effects. These effects include lenses that have been developed through the collaborative efforts of Microsoft and Snap, the creator of Snapchat. According to the company, there is currently a wide selection of more than 250 tools and filters at your disposal to facilitate self-expression.
Additionally, a novel feature includes the introduction of AI stickers that can be generated using Bing’s Image Creator. This innovative tool empowers users to create personalised stickers derived from their own photographs or selfies. You have the option to subsequently distribute these with acquaintances and relatives while engaging in conversations on various communication platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and others.

The Bing Image Creator feature can now be conveniently accessed directly from the application’s keyboard. This functionality enables users to capture a photo or upload an existing image, facilitating Visual Search results from Bing within the application.
Microsoft has dedicated significant effort to enhancing SwiftKey over an extended period of time. As part of these efforts, they recently integrated the application with Bing, enabling users to conduct searches, engage in chats through Bing Chat, and utilise artificial intelligence to personalise the tone of their text.

The latest features are being released for SwiftKey on both iOS and Android platforms.