Threads’ mobile apps now provide quick profile change.

Threads, a competitor to Twitter, has at long last introduced the capability to switch between numerous accounts without having to log out of any of them.

The social networking app that is owned by Meta made an announcement on Thursday that users can now swap accounts on its mobile apps by long-pressing on the profile symbol that is located in the bottom right corner. After performing the long press, the user can add a new profile by selecting the “Add profile” option from the menu that appears.

Users will find it much simpler to switch between their personal and professional identities as a result of this. The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, did not provide any information regarding whether or not there is a cap on the number of accounts that can be added to the profile-switching tool.
It is interesting to note that the announcement of the profile function for the text-based social networking app took place on the same day that Facebook made it possible for users of the Blue app to have several personal profiles.

Threads is continuing to roll out new features even more than three months after it first became available to users. In the latter part of the previous month, it began testing full-text search functions in both New Zealand and Australia. The search functionality was made available all across the world by the corporation earlier in this month.

In September, Threads also began rolling out new features, such as the capability to quote postings on other websites and the ability to switch on notifications for a specific post for a period of 24 hours.

In an increasingly competitive social media world, Threads’ competitors are also launching new features. Mastodon released version 4.2 earlier this week, which features an enhanced search function for profiles and posts, automatic suggestions for quick actions within the search box, a new web interface with improved thread indicators and article previews, and a new Privacy and Reach settings area.