Is the Galaxy SmartTag 2 Better than the Apple AirTag?

Losing your belongings is a universal frustration that has plagued us all at some point. Whether it’s your keys, wallet, or anything else important, it can be a real headache. Apple’s AirTag has been a beacon of hope for many, but what if you’re not an iPhone user? In that case, Samsung has come to the rescue with the Galaxy SmartTag 2. In this in-depth comparison, we’ll explore the capabilities of the Galaxy SmartTag 2 and Apple AirTag, helping you determine which one might be the best fit for you.

Compatibility is of utmost importance. 

One important aspect to consider when comparing these two trackers is their compatibility.   The Galaxy SmartTag 2 is compatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones running Android 9.0 and above.   This requires the use of Samsung’s SmartThings app, which needs to be installed on a Samsung phone.   Regrettably, this narrows down the user base to only Samsung Galaxy owners, which in turn limits its potential network. 

On the other hand, the AirTag from Apple enjoys a broader compatibility thanks to its large user base of iPhone owners.   Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that the network provided by Apple exclusively caters to iOS devices.   Considering the upcoming launch of Google’s Find My Device network, the future of AirTag’s network might become more uncertain. 

Accuracy and Attention to Detail 

These trackers excel at helping you locate your lost belongings.   When within Bluetooth range, the Galaxy SmartTag 2 can be pinged and provides guidance to locate your misplaced item using its built-in Bluetooth and Ultra WideBand (UWB) technology.   The AR mode improves precision, allowing you to easily find your belongings with exceptional accuracy. 

Apple’s AirTag provides a comparable experience, albeit with a few minor limitations.   Although it doesn’t have the advanced AR mode or precise directional guidance, it does offer a fairly accurate location.   Nevertheless, there is a notable distinction in the scope.   The Galaxy SmartTag 2 boasts an impressive range of 120 meters, although the actual range may vary depending on obstacles. In comparison, the AirTag has a more limited range of approximately 10 meters. 

Location Tracking Network 

An important feature of these trackers is their capability to find misplaced items even when they are not within Bluetooth range.   Apple’s AirTag has gained recognition for its extensive network of iOS devices that serve as location nodes, enabling you to locate your item even when it’s not near your phone. 

During a practical test, trackers from both Samsung and Apple successfully kept track of the lost item’s location throughout the entire day.   Nevertheless, the Galaxy SmartTag 2 stands out when it comes to its exceptional location history.   This feature enables you to effortlessly monitor the movements of your tag over different days, offering a useful tool for retracing your steps and potentially anticipating its location. 

Comparative Summary

In summary, here are the key takeaways from our comparison:

  • If you require an extended range, the Galaxy SmartTag 2’s 120-meter range is a compelling feature.
  • In regions dominated by iPhones, Apple’s network offers ubiquity and reliability.
  • For cost-conscious users, the prevalence of affordable Samsung phones can be advantageous.
  • If you primarily move around densely populated areas, both trackers should perform well.

In the end, your preference for smartphones will largely determine which tag you choose between the Apple AirTag and the Galaxy SmartTag 2. If you own a Samsung Galaxy, the SmartTag 2 is a fantastic option. It offers a rich set of features, a robust network, and extensive compatibility within the Samsung ecosystem. On the other hand, if you’re an iPhone user, the AirTag seamlessly integrates with your device.


The Galaxy SmartTag 2 and Apple AirTag have carved out their respective niches in the ever-expanding field of Bluetooth trackers. While compatibility with your smartphone will mostly influence your decision, it is clear that both devices excel in distinct areas. The extended range and location history of the Galaxy SmartTag 2 make it a standout choice for many Samsung Galaxy users. Apple’s AirTag, on the other hand, benefits from a larger network, providing iPhone owners with peace of mind. As technology advances, these trackers will surely grow more sophisticated, giving users more options for locating misplaced objects.