OnePlus Open Vs. iPhone 15 line up (iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max)

Two prominent companies have recently introduced their latest products – the OnePlus Open and the iPhone 15 series from Apple.   Both these lineups have distinct features and capabilities, making it a difficult decision to choose between them.   Through this comprehensive analysis, we will thoroughly examine the OnePlus Open and the iPhone 15 family, enabling you to make a well-informed decision based on a range of criteria.   We will conclude by providing you with a price comparison and a verdict to assist you in selecting your next smartphone. 

OnePlus Open: A Foldable Contender

OnePlus Open

The OnePlus Open, the first foldable device from OnePlus, brings innovation to the table. It boasts a premium book-style design that mirrors competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5. The device features a regular phone-sized cover display (6.31 inches) that unfolds to reveal a small tablet (7.82 inches). The device’s foldable nature allows it to fold completely flat, providing an attractive appearance whether open or closed.

While the device’s design and build are commendable, the cover screen may be susceptible to scratches, and it’s advisable to handle it with care. The OnePlus Open’s durability and haptics are impressive, but it’s essential to consider protecting it with a case. It carries an IPX4 rating, making it splash-resistant but not suitable for full submersion.

The device’s cameras are similar to those found on its sibling, Oppo’s Find N3, with the exception of OnePlus’ alert slider for quick mode changes and a reliable side-mounted fingerprint scanner. Notably, the haptics, known as O-Haptics, offer an exceptional tactile experience and can be customized to your preferences.

OnePlus Open Display & Speakers

OnePlus Open

The OnePlus Open excels in the realm of display technology. The 7.82-inch 2K OLED panel provides a visually stunning display with vibrant colors and exceptional detail.   While there is a noticeable crease down the middle, it does not have a significant impact on usability, particularly when it comes to watching videos.   Nevertheless, the device’s aspect ratio may result in significant black bars when watching content from platforms such as YouTube and Netflix, which might be seen as a disadvantage for content consumption. 

The OnePlus Open offers a high-quality 120Hz LTPO panel, guaranteeing a seamless and highly responsive user experience.   The 6.31-inch cover display offers exceptional quality and a classic aspect ratio, making it perfect for a wide range of tasks.   The device features sleek bezels, providing ample screen space. 

It also includes four speaker grilles, with three functioning as speakers.   The stereo sound they offer provides a rich and nuanced audio experience, although there is potential for enhancing the bass and treble. 

OnePlus Open Specs & Performance

The OnePlus Open is equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and a generous 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM.   This combination delivers exceptional performance across a wide range of tasks, from web browsing to gaming.   This device is a powerful gaming machine, effortlessly handling demanding titles and providing a delightful experience with its high refresh rate display. 

Storage options are limited to 512GB, which should be sufficient for most users, although it cannot be expanded.   The OnePlus Open offers advanced connectivity options such as 5G, Bluetooth 5.3, and Wi-Fi 7, ensuring a high level of connectivity for the future. 

OnePlus Open Camera & Video Capabilities

The OnePlus Open impresses with its camera capabilities. The device’s triple rear camera setup, developed in collaboration with Hasselblad, includes a 48MP main sensor that excels in good lighting conditions. It delivers superb detail and dynamic range while offering true-to-life colors.

The ultrawide camera, at 48MP, is well-suited for landscape photography, maintaining image quality close to that of the main lens. However, the standout is the 64MP telephoto, offering optical and digital zoom options, providing fantastic zoom photos with excellent detail.

The OnePlus Open’s camera app can automatically detect macro shots, providing enhanced clarity and vibrancy. Low-light photography, while not its strongest suit, can still produce acceptable results. The device’s portrait mode excels, offering adjustable background blur for selfies.

The device supports video capture up to 4K at 30-60fps, with an Ultra Steady mode that ensures smooth footage.

OnePlus Open Battery Life & Charging

The OnePlus Open comes equipped with a 4805mAh battery, ensuring a satisfactory battery life for the majority of users.   Nevertheless, extensive usage, such as using high brightness and the internal display, may result in the need for more frequent charging or activating the battery saver mode. 

One positive aspect is that the device comes with a 67W charger included in the box, allowing for fast charging.   The charging speeds are quite remarkable, enabling a 50% charge in a mere 15 minutes, and a complete charge in less than 45 minutes.   Regrettably, the device does not have the capability for wireless charging. 

OnePlus Open Software & Features

The OnePlus Open runs on OxygenOS over Android 13, offering a clean and intuitive user experience. OxygenOS introduces features tailored for the foldable device, enhancing multitasking with features like ‘Open Canvas’ for flexible app display and drag-and-drop support for efficient file management.

OnePlus promises five years of security updates, extending the device’s usability and ensuring it remains in peak condition even after years of use.

OnePlus Open Price & Availability

At its launch, the OnePlus Open is priced at $1,699 in the US and £1,599 in the UK. It offers a single configuration with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. Contract offers may become available upon its official release, offering potential affordability.

iPhone 15 Series: Apple’s Latest Offering

Apple iPhone 15

The Apple iPhone 15 series represents Apple’s latest flagship lineup, consisting of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. These devices introduce a range of features and improvements that make them stand out in the competitive smartphone market. Check out for the full detailed review of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro, Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple iPhone 15 and Apple iPhone 15 Plus here.

iPhone 15 Software and Special Features

All members of the iPhone 15 family run on iOS 17, Apple’s latest operating system. iOS 17 introduces several new features, including StandBy mode, Messages Check-in, and offline Apple Maps. Additionally, these devices come with enhanced ultrawide band (UWB) connectivity, offering precise location tracking and safety features like Roadside Assistance via satellite. This ensures that help is readily available even in areas with no cellular coverage.

iPhone 15 Connectivity and Smart Home Integration

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models feature Wi-Fi 6E, offering faster and more reliable wireless connections. They also support Thread network, making future smart home device integration seamless.

iPhone 15 Camera Capabilities

The iPhone 15 series offers significant improvements in camera capabilities. The primary rear cameras now feature 48MP sensors, providing high-resolution photos with remarkable detail. The Pro models offer ProRAW format images, allowing for advanced post-processing control.

All models include 12MP ultrawide cameras, with the Pro models introducing a different version of the ultrawide camera for macro photography. The selfie cameras are 12MP across the board.

Telephoto capabilities vary, with the Pro Max offering a 5x zoom telephoto camera, while the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro provide a versatile 2x zoom with their higher-resolution sensors.

iPhone 15 Performance and Battery Life

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are powered by the A16 Bionic chip, delivering fast performance. The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max boast the A16 Pro, providing even more power for demanding tasks and gaming.

Battery life varies across models, with the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus offering excellent endurance. The Pro models, while not lacking in battery life, prioritize performance, making them suitable for those who need raw power.

iPhone 15 Display and Build Quality

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are equipped with Super Retina XDR OLED displays, while the Pro models boast Super Retina XDR Pro displays.   These screens offer exceptional brightness, contrast, and color accuracy. 

The models in question feature ProMotion technology, which provides refresh rates of up to 120Hz for a more seamless scrolling and interaction experience.   The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus come with a 60Hz refresh rate as standard. 

The iPhone 15 series upholds Apple’s commitment to exceptional build quality, featuring the use of premium materials such as Ceramic Shield on the front to enhance its durability. 

iPhone 15 Price and Availability

As for pricing, the iPhone 15 series varies depending on the model and storage configuration. The standard iPhone 15 starts at $799, while the iPhone 15 Plus is priced higher. The Pro models come with a premium price tag, with the Pro Max being the most expensive.

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Side by side Comparison

Design & Build:

OnePlus Open:

The OnePlus Open boasts a premium book-style design. It features impressive durability, and the haptics are excellent. The device opens to reveal a 7.82-inch OLED panel, and it folds flat, offering a sleek look both when open and closed. The design, however, may not be as innovative as some of its competitors in the foldable market.

iPhone 15 Series:

The iPhone 15 series continues Apple’s tradition of sleek and elegant design. It features a glass and aluminum build that feels premium in the hand. While it doesn’t fold, it offers a range of screen sizes to choose from, making it more versatile in terms of size options.

Display & Speakers:

OnePlus Open:

The OnePlus Open features a 7.82-inch 2K OLED display that offers rich, vibrant colors and a high refresh rate. The cover display is also impressive with a 120Hz refresh rate. However, the boxy aspect ratio may not be ideal for content consumption, resulting in black bars on the top and bottom.

iPhone 15 Series:

The iPhone 15 series offers a range of display sizes, including the standard iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, and the Pro models. These devices come with Apple’s high-quality Super Retina XDR displays, known for their color accuracy and brightness. The Pro models offer ProMotion technology with adaptive refresh rates, making them ideal for various tasks. The speakers on these devices deliver clear and powerful sound.


OnePlus Open:

The OnePlus Open is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, providing stellar performance. With 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, it can handle almost any task with ease. The device also performs admirably in gaming, offering a smooth experience.

iPhone 15 Series:

The iPhone 15 series features Apple’s custom-designed A17 Pro chip, providing blazing-fast performance. The combination of powerful hardware and iOS ensures a smooth and responsive user experience. The range of storage options caters to different needs.

Camera Capabilities:

OnePlus Open:

The OnePlus Open comes with a Hasselblad-backed camera system, featuring a 48MP main sensor, a 64MP telephoto lens, and a 48MP ultrawide camera. These lenses deliver impressive photo quality in various lighting conditions, but low-light shots can be a challenge.

iPhone 15 Series:

The iPhone 15 series offers 48MP primary rear cameras, and the Pro models feature a 5x zoom telephoto camera. Apple’s image processing is renowned for producing stunning photos with excellent dynamic range and color accuracy.

Battery Life & Charging:

OnePlus Open:

The OnePlus Open comes with a 4805mAh battery, offering a full day of usage for most users. However, battery life can be a concern with extensive use. It supports fast charging with a 67W charger, providing quick refueling.

iPhone 15 Series:

Apple’s iPhone 15 series boasts impressive battery life, with varying estimates based on the model. Fast charging is supported with a 20W charger, ensuring a speedy recharge.

Software & Special Features:

OnePlus Open:

The OnePlus Open runs on OxygenOS over Android 13, offering a clean and intuitive user experience. It includes special features tailored for the foldable form factor, such as multitasking enhancements.

iPhone 15 Series:

The iPhone 15 series comes with iOS 17, offering a range of new features and enhancements, including advanced connectivity options like UWB and safety features such as Roadside Assistance via satellite.

Price & Availability:

OnePlus Open:

The OnePlus Open is priced at $1,699/£1,599, with a single configuration of 16GB RAM and 512GB storage. Availability may vary by region.

iPhone 15 Series:

The iPhone 15 series offers multiple models with different price points. Prices start at $829.99 for the standard iPhone 15 and vary based on storage options and models.

Verdict: OnePlus Open vs. iPhone 15 Series

In summary, the OnePlus Open and iPhone 15 series cater to different preferences and budgets. The OnePlus Open is an excellent first-gen foldable device, offering a unique design, strong performance, and impressive camera capabilities. However, it may not have the mainstream appeal due to its premium price.

On the other hand, the iPhone 15 series provides a wide range of options, from the standard model to the Pro Max, each with its unique strengths. Apple’s focus on design, performance, and photography makes the iPhone 15 series a compelling choice for many users.

Ultimately, the choice between the OnePlus Open and the iPhone 15 series depends on your preferences, needs, and budget.

Choose the OnePlus Open if:

  • You desire the foldable form factor and innovative design.
  • You’re an Android user looking for a high-end device with a large and flexible display.
  • You’re focused on customization and want an OxygenOS experience on a foldable device.
  • The $1,699 price point fits your budget.

Choose the iPhone 15 series if:

  • You’re already invested in the Apple ecosystem and prefer the seamless integration it offers.
  • Camera quality and photography are top priorities.
  • You want a dependable device with excellent performance and battery life.
  • You’re looking for a variety of models to suit different preferences and budgets.

Both lineups offer unique features and capabilities, and the final decision should be based on your individual requirements and brand preferences. With a clear understanding of what each device brings to the table, you can make an informed choice.