You may not be able to access Meta and Instagram without the new subscription roll-out €9.99 per month

In recent times, social media platforms have been undergoing a transformative shift towards offering subscription-based, ad-free options. Elon Musk’s X, formerly Twitter, was among the pioneers in this trend, introducing a Premium+ service priced at £16 per month. This premium service not only removes ads but also offers a more budget-friendly subscription tier on X that retains ads while giving users the power to edit their posts. Additionally, a standard premium tier is available, providing users with a coveted blue checkmark and various other benefits.

TikTok, another major player in the social media sphere, has also been testing the waters with a monthly subscription designed to eliminate ads, priced at $4.99. However, the global rollout of this subscription option remains uncertain. This growing trend highlights the efforts of social media platforms to cater to a diverse range of user preferences, from those who desire an ad-free experience to those who seek additional features and perks.

Meta’s New Ad-Free Subscription in Europe

In response to ongoing concerns and regulatory pressures in Europe, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is rolling out a subscription service in most of Europe. Users in the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland will now have the option to enjoy an ad-free experience by subscribing for €9.99 per month. Notably, this subscription won’t be available to users in the United Kingdom.

This development comes after Meta faced a hefty fine of €390 million earlier this year for violating EU data regulations linked to advertising practices. The EU regulator’s decision in January made it clear that Meta couldn’t coerce users into accepting data usage conditions or force them to leave the platforms.

Starting this November, the subscription service will be introduced exclusively for users aged 18 and above, with Meta actively working to find ways to serve ads to younger audiences while adhering to EU guidelines.

Meta has emphasized that its commitment to address the issues raised by EU regulators rather than being purely profit-oriented is what is driving the introduction of this subscription service. The company continues to uphold the vision of an ad-supported internet, ensuring access to personalized products and services, irrespective of users’ economic circumstances. This subscription option seeks to strike a balance between regulatory compliance, user choice, and Meta’s commitment to continue serving the EU, EEA, and Switzerland while respecting evolving regulatory standards.

Users in these regions will now have a clear choice: they can either continue using the platforms for free, with their data collected, or opt for the paid subscription to enjoy an ad-free experience. Notably, users choosing to pay for the service via iOS or Android will face an additional monthly charge of €3 to cover platform fees. However, users can avoid this extra cost by subscribing directly through the Facebook and Instagram websites rather than using mobile apps.

Starting in March 2024, users with multiple accounts on these platforms, such as both personal and business accounts, will need to pay extra for each additional account. This move is in line with the broader trend of social media platforms introducing subscription-based ad-free options, reflecting the evolving landscape of user preferences and regulatory standards.