How to fix apps keep crashing on Android (Updated)

Are your Android apps frequently crashing, leaving you annoyed and unsure how to fix the problem? You’re not alone in this dilemma, since the Android ecosystem’s diversity in terms of hardware and software can lead to app instability at times. We’ll walk you through numerous strategies to fix those recurring app crashes and get your Android device working smoothly again in this comprehensive guide.

Understanding Why Your Android Apps Crash

However, understanding the Causes of Android App Crashes before we go into remedies, can help properly guide you on what needs to be done and what you may not be doing right. The vast variation of Android platform chipsets, screen resolutions, and custom skins on smartphones can all contribute to these issues. Common elements include:

  • Low Memory or Weak Chipset: Your device might not have sufficient memory or a powerful enough chipset to handle certain apps, causing them to crash.
  • Improper Coding: Some apps are not coded correctly, leading to instability and crashes.
  • Custom Skins: The custom skin applied to your Android phone can sometimes interfere with app functionality.

Now, let’s move on to the solutions to address these issues and prevent further app crashes.

How to Fix Apps That Keep Crashing on Android

  • Force Stop the App
    • Go to Settings -> Apps and select the problematic app.
    • Tap the app’s name and then select Force stop.
    • Try reopening the app to see if it works properly.
  • Restart the Device
    • Restarting your device can resolve crashes by clearing memory and restarting system processes.
    • Simply press and hold the power button and tap on Restart. If your phone lacks a restart option, power it off and manually restart it.
  • Clear App Data
    • If the previous steps don’t help, you can try clearing the app’s data.
    • Go to Settings -> Apps, select the app, and tap Clear data or Clear storage. This will erase all app data, so you’ll need to set it up again.
  • Reinstall the App
    • If clearing app data doesn’t work, uninstall the app and download it again from the Play Store.
  • Check App Permissions
    • Newer Android versions allow you to deny app permissions. However, some poorly coded apps may not function properly without all requested permissions.
    • Go to Settings -> Apps, select the app, and tap Permissions to grant previously denied permissions.
  • Keep Your Apps Updated
    • Developers release updates to fix bugs and crashes. Ensure your apps are up-to-date to benefit from these fixes.
  • Clear Cache
    • Over time, apps accumulate large caches that can affect your device’s performance. Clearing cached data can help.
    • Go to Settings -> Storage and tap Cached data, then confirm by tapping OK.
  • Free Up Storage Space
    • Insufficient storage space can lead to app crashes. Delete unwanted apps and files to free up storage.
    • Visit Settings -> Apps to uninstall apps and games you no longer need.
  • Factory Reset (Last Resort)
    • When all else fails, consider a factory reset as a last resort.
    • Go to Settings -> About phone and tap on Backup and Reset. Be sure to backup your data first, as this will erase all data on your device.

You may troubleshoot app problems on your Android device and enjoy a more fluid mobile experience by following these instructions. Keep in mind that different methods may work for different apps, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different ways until you find one that works for you.