Arc’s new iPhone browser aims to be your search companion.

Last year marked a significant milestone for The Browser Company as they introduced the initial iPhone companion app for the Arc, enabling users to bookmark URLs for later use on the desktop program. Building on this success, the company has recently unveiled Arc Search, a cutting-edge smartphone software that places a strong emphasis on enhancing the search function.

At the heart of Arc Search is its groundbreaking AI-powered feature, aptly named “Browse for me.” This innovative function employs advanced models from OpenAI, coupled with insights from additional sources, to meticulously scan a minimum of six webpages related to the search term. The result is a meticulously curated webpage that not only compiles relevant information but also presents it in a well-organized and visually appealing format.

For instance, when prompted with the query “How to prepare a perfectly poached egg,” Arc Search swiftly generated a tailored page for me. This page featured distinct sections such as “Ingredients and Tools,” “Poaching technique,” “Cooking process,” and offered additional tips and advice to ensure a comprehensive and informative experience.

One notable aspect of Arc Search is its incorporation of a rich collection of helpful photos, enhancing the overall user experience. This feature goes beyond textual information, providing users with a visually engaging exploration of their search query.

As The Browser Company continues to innovate in the realm of mobile search applications, Arc Search stands out as a powerful tool, combining AI prowess with a user-centric approach to deliver a seamless and informative search experience. With its ability to transform raw search results into intelligently crafted webpages, Arc Search represents a leap forward in the evolution of smartphone search functionality.