Bluesky is now accessible to all users, welcoming anyone to join its platform.

“Breaking Barriers: Bluesky, the brainchild of Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, throws open its doors to the public after a year-long invite-only phase. As this promising micro-blogging platform ventures into the mainstream, it faces a formidable challenge: how to compete with Threads’ 130 million monthly active users or Mastodon’s 1.8 million. However, Bluesky’s appeal extends beyond its Twitter-like interface; its decentralized core, powered by the groundbreaking AT Protocol, promises transparency and empowerment. By embracing open-source principles, Bluesky empowers users and developers to shape their digital landscape. With Bluesky, control over the social media experience shifts from corporations to individuals, heralding a more democratic and enjoyable online journey. Despite the hurdles ahead, Bluesky’s commitment to user-centric design and accessibility sets it apart, offering a glimmer of hope in the vast realm of social networking.”