Notion Acquires Privacy-Centric Platform Skiff

In a bold move to enhance its privacy-centric offerings, Notion has acquired Skiff, a cutting-edge platform renowned for its end-to-end encrypted file storage, documents, calendar events, and email services. Founded in 2020 by Andrew Milich and Jason Ginsberg, Skiff quickly garnered attention and secured $14.2 million in funding from top investors like Sequoia Capital and prominent tech figures including Alphabet chairman John Hennessy and former Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang.

The acquisition signals Notion’s commitment to bolstering privacy within its productivity suite. Notion’s COO Akshay Kothari expressed admiration for Skiff’s work, citing its meticulous attention to detail. While initially recognized as a secure alternative to Google Docs, Skiff expanded its repertoire to include calendar and email solutions, making it an attractive asset for Notion.

As part of the acquisition, Skiff will integrate seamlessly into Notion’s ecosystem. However, users have been informed that the Skiff platform will be discontinued in six months. Despite this, users can easily export their data to other services, ensuring a smooth transition.

This acquisition marks Notion’s latest strategic move following its previous acquisitions of Flowdash in 2022 and Cron and in India. With Skiff onboard, Notion is poised to elevate its privacy offerings and solidify its position as a leader in productivity and security.