Finally Samsung launches Tizen Z2 in Kenya, sells for around $60

Newly launched Samsung device in the Tizen line of smartphones, the Samsung Tizen Z2, would be launched in various markets around the globe and not kept exclusive to only one market. As the continents that was mentioned include Africa, which was launched in South Africa some few weeks ago, we knew that they were not just making empty promises.


However, they have launched the mobile device in another country in the same region now and we expect it to his other parts of Africa soon.

Finally, setting foot in Kenya, the Samsung Tizen Z2 device would be selling for KSH 6000 which is about $60 and is now available via Safaricom, a carrier network in the region. It should be noted that Africa is not the only place that this device has seen so far as it had also been to Asia, including the regions of Indonesia, India, and Nepal.

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