Windows Soon to Overtake Android Tablets by The End of 2017.

Windows Soon to Overtake Android Tablets by The End of 2017.

Things might be sounding nice for Windows lately though they unintentionally given up on the phone market, but today analysts are predicting that Windows could overtake Android tablets by the end of 2017. does it make any sense considering this a battle against Google android.

Although, this might be too fast, as the research was based on Australian market, the global growth of Windows has also been taken into account while conducting the analysis. However this shows more users are interested in Windows than Android when choosing a tablet.

According to them:

“Microsoft seems to be redeeming itself with larger touchscreens despite losing the smartphone platform battle. Also, “Windows-based devices from a range of manufacturers have clearly benefited from the merging of PC and tablet features.”

To be honest, the news is hardly surprising since Google themselves are pushing 2-in-1 Chromebooks over Android tablets now that ChromeOS can use Android apps. However, analysts once said Windows Phone OS was going to overtake iOS — we all know how that story goes.

Now Would you use a Windows or an Android tablet in 2017?

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