How to Subscribe ntel Wawu Plan 12GB for N1000

Ntel has surprised everyone when their site went down for more than a moth with no explanation and many suggesting they soon be out of service.

But today their network is now fast for those who succeeded in activating their data plan with a simple trick of activating your ntel wawu plan. i share shortly with you.

As it will normally take longer days or weeks before you get your Wawu plan activated if you are trying through the requests on social media.

If you have given up on ntel, maybe this is the time to reconsider this option and get your 12GB for N1000, rolling.

How to Activate ntel Wawu Plan The Easy Way

  • Recharge your line via .
  • Call their customer service line 070068355483 for instant activation.

Those of you using ntel data plans, kindly let us know how you activated yours.

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