Tim Cook says the iPhone 12 is the most popular model in the series, with Pro models seeing “strong sales.”

During Apple’s fiscal Q2 2021 earnings call, CEO Tim Cook said that the iPhone 12 is the most common model in the series among customers. Sales of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are also’very good,’ according to the executive. He didn’t mention the iPhone 12 mini, implying that its success was less impressive than the other three models, as has been previously mentioned. Apple announced sales of $89.6 billion for fiscal Q2 2021, which ended on March 27.

Cook said that the iPhone 12 is the most popular model in the range, but that the Pro models are still having “very good sales” during the fiscal Q2 2021 earnings call. Apple’s sales increased by up to 54% year on year, with quarterly earnings per diluted share of $1.40. International revenues accounted for 67% of total revenue in the year.

“The iPhone 12 is the most successful, but the Pro family has also seen good sales. As a result, the revenue you’re seeing is a feature of unit and revenue-per-unit growth.” During the call, Tim Cook said

According to recent reports, the iPhone 12 mini has been the worst-selling iPhone 12 series among the other iPhone 12 models in terms of pricing. The Cupertino-based tech giant is said to have cut orders for all iPhone devices by about 20%, with the majority of the cuts apparently being for the iPhone 12 mini. Other iPhone 12 models are said to have performed exceptionally well, outperforming iPhone 11 sales.

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