The May 15 deadline for accepting the new terms of WhatsApp’s privacy policy has been canceled.

WhatsApp has canceled its May 15 deadline for users to approve its contentious privacy policy upgrade, claiming that refusing to accept the terms would not result in account deletion. Users were outraged that their data was being shared with WhatsApp’s parent company, Facebook.

According to PTI, no accounts will be removed on May 15 for refusing to acknowledge the policy change.

“As of this upgrade, no accounts will be removed on May 15, and no one in India will miss WhatsApp features. Over the next few weeks, we’ll send out updates to everybody “In an emailed response to a question on Friday, the spokesperson said.

Although the “majority of consumers who have downloaded the updated terms of service have approved them,” the spokesperson added that some customers have not yet had the opportunity to do so.

However, the firm did not have an explanation for the move or the number of consumers who have agreed to the terms so far.

WhatsApp sent out an in-app update in January informing consumers of updates to its terms of service and public policies. In order to continue using the platform, users were granted until February 8 to adhere to the new terms.

More details about WhatsApp’s service and how it handles customer data; how companies can use Facebook hosted sites to store and handle their WhatsApp chats; and how WhatsApp integrates with Facebook to provide integrations through the company’s products, according to WhatsApp.

Acceptance of the privacy policy change, according to WhatsApp, would not increase the company’s right to exchange user data with Facebook.

However, customer uproar over WhatsApp’s supposed exchange of user details with Facebook prompted the firm to push back the deadline from February to May 15.

WhatsApp has spent the past three months trying to “clear up misunderstanding and rumors,” according to a spokesman.

“As a reminder, this update has no effect on the privacy of anyone’s personal communications. Our mission is to remind people about new options we are developing, such as the ability to contact a company on WhatsApp in the future “According to the spokesperson,

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