How to Easily Activate an eSIM with MTN, Airtel, or 9mobile

eSIM technology, in case you haven’t heard, has arrived in Nigeria. The implications of this for techies are enormous. Using eSIM, you may easily keep track of multiple phone numbers from the same gadget. Now that we no longer need backup phones or SIM cards, we can put them away.

You may be thinking, “What do I need to do to start using eSIM in Nigeria?”

You can’t even begin to use this system without a phone that is compatible with it. Yet, several of the newest phones from market heavyweights like Apple, Samsung, and Google support eSIM.

You’re in luck right now if you utilize MTN, Airtel, or 9mobile as your network provider. The eSIM technology is completely functional across all three networks, and activating it couldn’t be simpler. You can obtain assistance setting up your phone by visiting any MTN, 9mobile, or Airtel service center or experience center. They will verify your device’s eSIM compatibility and show you how to activate one if it is.

These are just a few examples of eSIM-enabled devices that are compatible with one another:

  • The Apple iPhone XS and later models
  • Beginning with S20, Samsung’s Galaxy S series
  • From the Note20 on, Samsung’s Galaxy Note series
  • Version 2 and later Google Pixel devices
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Z and Galaxy Fold smartphones.

Keep in mind that you will need to register your eSIM just like you would a regular SIM.

You can quickly swap from a digital SIM to a physical SIM if your mind changes. The question then becomes, “Why wait?” When you use an eSIM, you’ll be able to try out cutting-edge mobile technologies.