Instagram AI Chatbots Seen in Development, May Offer 30 Personalities to Choose From

Instagram could be developing an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot feature. The image and video sharing site owned by Meta is rumored to be working on a feature that will allow users to interact with AI Agents who may answer to questions, offer suggestions, and write notes.

This revelation is timely, as many services are scrambling to integrate AI functionality. Instagram users will be able to customize their interactions with these AI chatbots by selecting from a variety of “personalities.”

Developer and tipster Alessandro Paluzzi (Twitter: @alex193a) claims that AI Agents, chatbots that can “answer questions and give advice,” are now in development for Instagram. It will seem as though both people having a conversation have access to these chatbots because they will be available within the chat itself.

A popup card for the feature, which is still in development, was apparently uncovered while reverse engineering the iOS app, and Paluzzi posted a screenshot of it. The card specifies that the “Chat with an AI” feature will provide information and guidance when asked questions. The platform also boasts the ability to “chat with 30 AI personalities,” according to the description.