Threads Is Now Available – How to Use Threads

Threads, an app built as a direct competitor to Twitter, has been officially announced by Meta, the owner of Facebook. With this announcement, Meta has launched the most serious challenge yet to Elon Musk’s faltering social media site.

On Threads, users are able to publish text and links, as well as respond to or repost posts from other users.

The software will allow users to carry over their existing follower lists and account names from Instagram, which is Meta’s photo and video-sharing app that has more than 2 billion users and includes large companies, celebrities, and creators as some of its users.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the application saw approximately 10 million sign-ups in the first ten hours after it was made available to the public.

A quick calculation reveals that somewhere between 250 and 350 people from over 100 different countries sign up every single second. Users in the European Union will have to wait a little bit longer before they can register for the platform because regulators stated yesterday that Meta is still trying to make the new service GDPR-compliant. If Threads had debuted in the European Union, the number of users likely would have been larger.

How to Jump Right into the Conversation on Thread
Using Threads is simple and quick to get started with: To begin, download Threads on your mobile device from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or on your desktop by visiting

You may log in with ease by using your existing Instagram account. Your Instagram username and verification will be carried over, and you’ll have the ability to modify your profile in a way that’s tailored exclusively for Threads.

When someone joins Threads who is under the age of 16, or under the age of 18 in certain countries, their profile will automatically be set to private.

On Instagram, you have the option to follow other accounts that are interested in the same topics as you are, which might help you connect with additional people who share your passions. The primary accessibility features that are now available on Instagram, including as support for screen readers and automatically generated image descriptions, are likewise enabled on Instagram Threads.

Soon, the service itself will be updated with additional features such as suggested postings, a more comprehensive search engine, and simpler navigation for the purpose of following trends in real life, analogous to hashtags.