How to Resolve the Issue of Missing Media in WhatsApp for Android

It appears that Missing Media in WhatsApp stored on smartphones running WhatsApp for Android is being omitted. The problem, which seems to have surfaced as a result of the latest updates to WhatsApp, has apparently had an effect on any users who have been using the application. Users of WhatsApp for Android versions and are among those who have been impacted.

The Missing Media in WhatsApp issue has moreover been reported by a number of customers who are using the most recent version. In light of the fact that the instant messaging provider has not yet acknowledged the problem or provided a solution for it, there is a simple workaround that may be utilized in order to retrieve your media content.

Some users reported that the most current versions of WhatsApp for Android made it impossible for them to locate their personal media content, such as photos and videos. The content, on the other hand, was stored on users mobile devices and was available through the photo gallery app.

If you are one of the users who have missing Media in WhatsApp by issue on WhatsApp for Android, you can recover your media material by following a few simple steps. If you are not one of the users who has been impacted by the missing media problem on WhatsApp, you can ignore this section.

How to resolve the issue of missed media on WhatsApp for Android.
However, users are advised to back up their chats before starting the process.

  • Close WhatsApp and clear the cache on your handset to ensure that it is not working in the background.
  • Go to WhatsApp > Media in your phone’s native file manager.
  • Now, navigate to Android > Media > com.whatsapp > WhatsApp > Media and copy the content from the Media folder. Please keep in mind that you just need to transfer the media folder’s material, not the whole folder.
  • You must still wait until all of the material has been transferred to the destination folder. Then, launch the WhatsApp application.

Following the steps above, you’ll be able to see your media material on WhatsApp again.

You should wait for WhatsApp to release an update that solves the issue if you don’t want to go the manual route. The upgrade will automatically transfer content from the old folder to the new one.